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Unique Houseplants To Love

Written by Rakesh Kumar

Every person has their own hobbies and gardening is evolving now and is becoming the most common hobbies. Earlier we used to maintain a garden outside in the backyard or any piece of land. Now, it has evolved to a level of indoor gardening. Indoor gardening is a relaxing way and also it has evolved to a whole new level. Not every plant can be grown indoor and also just like outdoor plants, indoor plants are also of different types. They are categorized into flowering, non-flowering, pollution controlling, and ornamental plants. These plants have to be taken care in a unique way to help them grow indoor. Some of the most common houseplants are ficus, ladies spider orchid, azalea, Christmas cactus, and hoya.

Common requirements for these plants to grow:

Just like the regular outdoor plants, the indoor plants have their own environmental requirements to grow indoor and also they require only a few conditions to be followed. The common requirements for any indoor plant are:

  • Loosely filled soil,
  • Warm room temperature
  • Minimal water
  • Minimal sunlight
  • Humidity in the air.

The common way of taking care of these indoor plants are similar in most of the cases. Some of the unique houseplants does require special care and treatment for proper growth.

Some houseplants are unique by different aspects – look, growing module, environmental setup, and characteristic of flowering and non-flowering. Some of such rare and unique houseplants are:

Bill’s Red: a flowering plant and it looks lovely with the bright red leaves and white pearl flowers. This plant can be hung over or even kept in a pot and the more it gets sunlight, the color boosts brighter. The flowers bloom in an uncommon way – they form an outline around the leaves like the lovely set of white pearls around the garment.

Haerello odorata: the miniature version of the orchid and this blooms lovely yellow orchids. This plant requires lots of humidity and needs fertilizer at least once a week. This plant adds flavor to your room with its gorgeous flowers.

Cleisocactus winteri: a variety of cactus and it requires only less amount of water. This cactus will look filled with all thorns and needles until it blooms the wonderful peach flower.

Gasteria armstrongii: This plant is a sun hater and is capable of growing in shadow. This plant does not need to be watered regularly, however, the plant should not dry out completely.

Indoor plants are always fun to grow and there are also medicinal uses from some plants like pollution absorption and insect repellent. Bonsai is a technique of growing any plant in its miniature version and also they are little complicated to grow. They require the most care and also they need expert treatments.

Indoor plants and indoor gardening is an evolving hobby and there are many plants which act as icing on a cake for decorating your home. Choose your favorite variety now and enjoy watching the progress!

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